New website officially launched

Local marketing and brand development firm, B. Sheppard Consulting, put a new face to the company’s website for 2009.  Creating a personality that reflects the work they produce for clients was a big motivation in the restructuring process.  The website provides a user-friendly interface with easy mobility between points of interest.

Featuring a concise and casually aesthetic layout, the new format allows users to understand the scope of the company quickly and navigate fluidly from their list of options.  One of the sections, Resources, was specially developed by the B. Sheppard Consulting team to furnish useful links for clients, link others to clients’ websites and provide some of the company’s favorite pieces of literature.

Another noteworthy area, The Portfolio, provides a snapshot of some of B. Sheppard Consulting’s most innovative projects for recent and current clients.

Launching the new site provides an important competitive edge in the marketing and advertising sector, as linking to clients on their site will most likely increase traffic for both the firm and afore mentioned clients.

B. Sheppard Consulting has also taken full advantage of networking mediums like Facebook, RSS blogs and Twitter as a way to streamline business communication.  These social media outlets have quickly jumped the gap from recreational networks to real-time business feeds. Links to the company’s blog and Facebook group are prominently displayed on the website with regular updates on newsworthy events.  These media outlets have allowed the company to stay more closely connected with their clients and facilitate timely feedback.

Although just a few weeks out from it’s launch, B. Sheppard Consulting’s website has already received positive reviews.  “I applaud your team on the new look,” said Kelly Dempsey, a representative of Jim Chapman Communities, one of B. Sheppard Consulting’s clients.

Dempsey described the website as, “Real clean, easy to follow and speaks directly to the client on what you have done, can do and will do for them.