NAHB Does 700th Local Impact of Home Building Study

Gilbert & Sheppard Group is pleased to announce the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 700th local impact of home building study released earlier this year. These studies “estimate the jobs, income, and taxes generated by home building in various metropolitan areas, non-metropolitan counties, and states across the country,” according to a blog on the NAHB website. The studies have proven very helpful in the housing industry as the studies prove building in typical metropolitan areas bring large amounts of income and hundreds of jobs to the market.

The local impact of home building study in your area can be downloaded and printed at no charge. Also available is a “companion study that shows how much new housing costs local governments in a typical metropolitan area, and how quickly new housing pays for itself.” To view your area’s local study, visit the local impact of home building page on the NAHB website.

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