New Program Helps Seniors Find Jobs and Gain Retirement Security

Gilbert & Sheppard Group is happy to share incredible news for the active adult community! It is an exciting time for seniors who are looking for work now that the AARP’s new Work Reimagined program is being implemented. The program is aimed at helping the older population to find jobs and keep financially secure for retirement. A recent article featured on titled Labor Department, AARP Focus on Helping Seniors Gain Jobs, Retirement Security, discusses the new initiative.

According to the article, Work Reimagined is a “free program [that] gives users access to job listings posted by employers committed to recruiting workers of all ages and provides work resources and tools.” It will be one of several new initiatives benefitting from nearly $260 million in grants from the Labor Department to increase employment and retirement security for seniors.

“Through the program, individuals age 55 and older receive training through part-time, service-oriented positions in their communities while earning the highest of the federal, state, or local minimum wage.” This is a wonderful new development for seniors who are not financially stable enough to retire and will need to find new jobs in order to live comfortably.

The AARP received the largest amount of funding from the grants. In total, the 16 one-year grants from the Labor Department will support over 35,000 positions in addition to the more than 10,000 that have previously received funding through the Senior Community Service Employment program.

To read the entire article on, click here. For more information on the Work Reimagined program, click here.

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