Gilbert & Sheppard at ARC-Lifelong Communities Summit

Kerrie Gilbert and Betsy Sheppard attended the 2012 Lifelong Communities Summit: Transforming the Way We Live Together.  As marketing specialists for the senior housing industry, they also participated in a Pre-Summit Meeting held at The Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta on October 3. At the Pre-Summit, a select group of attendees shared information about programs and initiatives related to Lifelong Communities and provided input for the national conversations about creating communities people want to grow up in and grow old in.  A reception was held afterwards at the offices of Atlanta Magazine.

On October 4, the main conference took place at the Atlanta Regional Commission’s office at the Loudermilk Center for Regional Community. Over 200 attendees were present as they enjoyed presentations and open discussion about Lifelong Communities Programs. If you are interested in learning more about this program, please click on