NAHB’s Chief Economist David Crowe Addresses Atlanta’s 50+ Housing Council

Even in this month filled with special events and parties, the annual holiday party hosted by NAHB’s 50+ Housing Council stood out! Betsy Sheppard and Louise Plonowski of The Gilbert & Sheppard Group celebrated on Tuesday, December 11 with fellow 50+ Housing Council members and guests at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta.

In addition to a great lunch and some splendid networking opportunities, the guests appreciated the thoughtful and illuminating keynote address by NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe. He highlighted the current state of the economy in the US, and in Atlanta in particular, including the prospects for the 50+ housing market.

Some of the major points of Mr. Crowe made during his speech were:

  1. There is no consistent national trend.
  2. Recovery is local, and it is spreading.
  3. The country is transitioning from a lack of demand to a lack of supply.
  4. We are seeing promising housing data in a not so promising economy.

Above all, he noted that consumer confidence is increasing, and there are currently more serious homebuyers than in the past few years.

“I am especially encouraged by Mr. Crowe’s focus on the positive housing indicators that show promise for the future,” noted Betsy Sheppard, who will serve on the 2013 board of directors for the Atlanta 50+ Housing Council. “I also was very interested in learning more about the NAHB expectations for the next 24 months.”

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