Kids Ferst – Read & Succeed

Volunteers from Kids Ferst of Gilmer County participated in the world’s largest shared reading experience by reading to preschoolers throughout the county.

Kerrie Gilbert and Betsy Sheppard of Gilbert & Sheppard Group are actively involved with Kids Ferst.  A subsidiary of The Ferst Foundation, Kids Ferst is committed to helping families and children learn to read together.  The goal of Kids Ferst, a non-profit organization in Gilmer County (GA), is to improve early literacy by providing books to prepare Gilmer County preschool children for reading and learning success.


On October 3, Kerrie and other volunteers read the book Otis by Loren Long to a number of groups of young children in and around Ellijay (GA) as part of a Read for the Record effort.

“It’s a cute story, and I was thrilled to participate in the nationwide reading event,” says Kerrie. “I am passionate about creating opportunities for all kids, from all backgrounds. Learning to read early is incredibly important.”

Read for the Record, presented in partnership with the Pearson Foundation, is the one time of the year when millions of individuals come together to celebrate literacy and support Jumpstart in its efforts to promote early childhood education.

On October 3, 2013, people across the country read the same children’s book to preschool children. Jumpstart’s mission is to work towards the day that every child in America will enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. It is a national forum for concerned citizens to voice their support of early education.