Kerrie Gilbert Is Subject of Solo Art Exhibit

(Contributed by Louise Plonowski, Public Relations Specialist for Gilbert & Sheppard Group)

Kerrie Gilbert, an award-winning creative director and one of the co-founders of Gilbert & Sheppard Group, has extensive professional experience as a graphic designer and branding specialist. Her vision and thoughtful solutions help her clients stand out from today’s cluttered marketing environment – because she is able to elevate their advertising messages, websites and collateral materials with an artist’s perspective.

Art is at the core of Kerrie’s life. She grew up in South Carolina, in a home filled with original paintings by family and friends.  At a very young age, Kerrie was inspired to paint the seascapes and wildlife near her family’s home on Hilton Head Island.  An uncle encouraged her to pursue her love of art by bringing her an antique painter’s easel that had been stored in his attic, together with a set of oil paints, canvas panels, sketch pads and sticks of charcoal.

Kerrie went on to pursue commercial art and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art & Design.  However, she continued to paint atmospheric landscapes and inspiring portraits of beloved people and pets in her free time.

Kerrie has never shown her work publicly until this month, when a collection of illustrations and paintings will be exhibited gallery-style at  Cherry Log Christian Church near Ellijay, GA.

VeniceInvented“I’ve always put my art to work on behalf of clients,” Kerrie says. “This exhibit will present a different side of me. It’s personal. It’s also a bit scary, because I didn’t think I was ready to show anything. This exhibit is a necessary step in my evolution as an artist, and hopefully it will encourage me to do more. What I am showing represents where I’ve been – where I’m going with it all is yet to be determined.” 

Follow the Gilbert & Sheppard Facebook page for posts about the exhibit.  Or visit Cherry Log Christian Church on Sundays from Oct. 13 until Nov. 3, 2013.  Services are at 8:25am and 10:55am.  Exhibit is open for viewing after each service.  Other scheduled viewings to be announced.