Pinterest for New Home Sales – Why Gilbert & Sheppard Recommends It!

Posted on January 20, 2019 by

With the growing emphasis on social networking sites, it can be confusing which ones to point your marketing dollars to. In today’s fast-paced world, some of these sites can go in and out quickly, but Pinterest seems to be here to stay. If used correctly, Gilbert & Sheppard Group recommends using the site to target a market where photos pinned to your website can quickly go viral.

An article featured in Builder Magazine noted that not only is Pinterest breaking records, but the users of the website are a builder’s dream audience. According to the article, of the 11 million unique users that visit Pinterest monthly, “97% are women, with an especially strong presence of upper-income women aged 18 to 34.” This is exactly who builders should be marketing to!

Pinterest is hitting the preferred audience for new home builders and communities, and it is trusted by users who accept “pins” as recommendations from friends. Users also seem to like the privacy that accompanies the site, as it requires less personal information than some other social media tools. A viral way to make people crave your brand, Pinterest is a powerful and ultra-visual way to promote your new homes and your community.

In order to get started using Pinterest to endorse your product, you will need to share “photos that will positively reinforce your brand and entice others to share them.” Gilbert & Sheppard Group recommends adding quality photography to your marketing budget in order to show potential buyers the possibilities and lifestyle available. With compelling imagery on your site, users will often share your photos directly with their friends on Pinterest, giving you an extra boost beyond the images posted on your company Pinterest account.

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