Honoring Women in Construction Week

Posted on March 11, 2021 by

BuilderOnline Women in Construction

This week’s article in Builder Magazine highlights “Women in Construction Week” and shares insights from key professionals in the industry. (photo: BuilderOnline.com)

I believe a woman focused on the construction and housing industry should try to be the most prepared person in the room when attending a meeting. I like to be one of the first in the room and be overly prepared and ready to participate and contribute as much as possible. As expressed in the article, you will gain more respect from others when you truly “know your stuff” and are ready to get the work done well and on point.

This is a great time to get started in the housing and construction industry. There are many women who are willing to help each other find a path within the industry. For example, the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council has members across the country who are willing to lend a hand whether you are a high school student, new college graduate, or an up and coming young professional. The council offers opportunities to network, and to be involved in mentoring programs and leadership roles on a local, regional and national level.

If you are entering this male-dominated industry, I suggest you find a strong mentor. Search for a group of female leaders who want to lend a hand and help teach and guide women in the industry. There is no limit to what you can do and who you can become. You just need to find the right “tribe” to work alongside you and give back to the industry as you grow.

This week we celebrate all of the women who serve the building industry today and to welcome those who have an interest in a career in housing and construction.

Betsy Sheppard, President of Gilbert & Sheppard, offers business consulting and strategic marketing solutions for the housing industry.  404-406-9104  betsy@gilbertsheppard.com

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