We Can All Be Influencers of Positive Change

Posted on June 5, 2020 by

At Gilbert & Sheppard Group we believe that all individuals have far-reaching circles of influence. If we each focus on spreading positive “collective goodness,” our overlapping circles can influence healing and meaningful progress within our communities and beyond.

The efforts of past courageous influencers have resulted in the legal institution of “equal rights for all;” but unfortunately, in our country’s daily reality, those rights are not equally valued or defended.

“As a values-driven firm, we fully condemn and do not tolerate racism, injustice, and violence of any kind, toward anyone. Total respect for and value of human life, as well as the dignity of every individual, must be at the forefront of our behavior and actions as a society. We must, at all times, be guided by compassion and understanding, and demonstrate more active listening, empathy, self-awareness and decency. Our collective goodness must be drawn upon as a force of change and progress.”

“We support and believe in freedom of speech, the right to peacefully protest and for voices to be heard, listened to and respected. The devastating destruction of property and harm to innocent people and communities must stop in order to foster dialogue that results in progress, not setbacks. As with injustice, we must address this compounding, negative impact on our communities by helping to heal NOW.”

(“Portions” of this post were borrowed from a recent Ameriprise e-newsletter. The sentiments expressed in their correspondence align so closely with our personal and professional beliefs that we felt compelled to share.)

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