Taking the Next Step

Posted on February 5, 2021 by

Ta dah!

With well-deserved praise and applause, Betsy Sheppard passed the gavel to the next National Council Chair for Professional Women in Building – a 2000+ member council of the National Home Builders’ Association.

During the January 2021 Winter Board Meeting, with over 100 online attendees from across the country, Betsy concluded her term and installed the next PWB Chair and Vice Chair.

“Being PWB Chair was amazing. Even with the challenges of a pandemic, I am proud of our members across the country who gathered via online platforms and other networking outlets to keep each other connected, informed, and supported throughout the year. I am grateful for the leadership of NAHB’s staff and for the dedication of each PWB Board member who worked with me throughout the year.”

Looking forward to what’s next.

Beginning in 2020, the reality of “changing times” became evident for our world, our country, and our state. And change certainly became evident for Gilbert & Sheppard. Thanks to the pandemic, we found ourselves home bound with extra time to rethink how we want to spend our time in the months and years ahead. Happily, our separate reflections led us to the same conclusion – it’s time to shift our focus, energies and passions toward creative pursuits, family time, and giving back to the community.

Taking a leap of faith.

Deciding to shift our business focus from being a full-service marketing company to providing high-level strategic consulting is certainly a leap of faith, but we’ve never been afraid of leaping! We took a risk back in 1999 when we formed the company and began creating marketing solutions for our outstanding roster of clients. Along the way, we forged long-lasting friendships and won numerous awards. Betsy and I are extremely appreciative of each person who joined us on the journey.

Now what?

Betsy will turn her talents to strategic consulting, writing, and mentoring. I have set up my artist’s space and welcome the lure of creative freedom. We both plan to roll up our sleeves in various local volunteer activities and spend much more time with family and friends.

To learn more about the strategic consulting services being offered by Betsy Sheppard, send her an email: betsy@gilbertsheppard.com.

To learn more about creative services offered by Kerrie Gilbert, send her an email: kerrie@gilbertsheppard.com .

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